Compact Motion Device for Simulators

We develop and produce simulation applications based on our patented motion device solely ac-cording to your wishes.

You will learn the details of this versatile technology on the following pages.

Engineering details

Task description

The human equilibrium organ is located in the middle ear. It perceives angular acceleration as well as vertical and horizontal motion. In conjunction with additional information from the eyes and spi-nal cord this enables conscious orientation in space for our brains.

To a simulator builder …



A hollow hemisphere is mounted free to move hemispherically. Three servo-motors enable motion about three axes (three DOFs): roll (±15°), pitch (±15°), and yaw (±15°). In the hemisphere, ...



We've implemented a race simulator as a demonstration application so that interested parties can form an impression of the motion device's mode of operation.

The following potential applications emerged from dialogue with people who have already tested our demo simulators.

  • Driving-school simulations in the areas of professional drivers, driving-physics training, and moped/motorcycle training
  • Flight simulations for aerofoil and rotor …